Product Engineering

Shape your idea with cutting edge technologies.
Product engineering at Alvadesh

If you are looking at developing systems yourself or tailoring an off-the-shelf package but are concerned about how it will be supported in the future, or the costs associated with you integrating your new applications with existing software, then contact us to discuss ways we can help through:

  • Customized Online Systems: Data-driven systems designed to capture, track, and report your Line of Business (LOB) information
  • New or Remodeled Website: Developing modern websites with the tools to maintain your content in-house.
  • Company-wide Intranet and Document Management Systems: Enabling you to share, collaborate and manage company information centrally
  • Systems Integration Project: Providing seamless integration between two or more Line of Business (LOB) systems
  • Content Management System (CMS) tools which simplify the management of the website
  • Workflow & Process Driven Solutions: Applications which enhance the logical flow of work-based activities


What often differentiates your business from your competitors is having systems that are tailored to your exact needs, systems that make the difference between ‘just good’ and that of offering ‘exceptional’ customer service.

ATS specializes in the following applications development including web and mobile applications:

  • Web Applications (browser based),
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Office Automations
  • Custom Application Development
  • Web Services (WCF, JSON), Cloud Applications


Our software development team has extensive experience in designing, developing, implementing, training and providing on-going support for a variety of commercial clients. We utilize the very latest development tools and online applications including:
  • Java, Java Spring
  • .Net and Frameworks (ADO.Net, MVC.Net)
  • PHP Development and frameworks (Larvel, CodeIgniter, Symfony)
  • Python Development,
  • AngularJS (4.0, 6, 8.0.0)
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • MySQL and Microsoft SQL server

Benefits working with Us

Clients are assisted from start to finish for all projects and are directly involved in the development process with regular communication to ensure applications meet requirements, exceed expectations, and are practical and cost effective. All our software development projects start with a scoping exercise so that our clients can fully evaluate, prior to any engagement, exactly what the new application/s will deliver.