Discover the security, availability and scalability of the private cloud

Alvadesh’s private dedicated virtual environments are engineered for our customers who want the benefits of the cloud but need their data to remain in a physically separate environment:

The Alvadesh Private Cloud

Avoid investing capital in additional infrastructure, while benefiting from the security of a private computing environment:

  • Custom computing environment
  • Enhanced security, meeting PCI and HIPPA regulations
  • On-demand, scalable network infrastructure
  • Dedicated resources that are only accessible by you

Advantages of Alvadesh’s private cloud computing solution:

  • Elasticity: Are the demands on your IT platform always changing?     The private cloud can be scaled to match.
  • Control: Gain complete management over your infrastructure and       data − meaning increased security and compliance transparency
  • Compliance: Our SSAE-16 audited data centers offer the transparency and security necessary to match your compliance and      regulatory expectations.
  • Decreased Overhead: Reduce overhead by managing x86 servers and related resources as a unit.
  • Low capacity: Reduce computing capacity by giving higher-priority     tasks more power during peak periods.

Advantages of the Private Cloud

Alvadesh’s private cloud services are gaining in popularity amid companies that want to operate their IT applications in a cloud but also require independence in the operation and use of this virtual platform. Seen as the next big thing in cloud computing services, private clouds offer a number of benefits:

  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • 100% SLA backed availability
  • Power, cooling, racking, stacking and cabling become a non-issue
  • Qualified and experienced professionals to provide network, hardware, OS management and backups
  • Redundancy, monitoring, help desk services and accountability
  • Audited for SSAE-16, SOC II, SOC III and PCI compliance
  • Maintained and supported by experienced and trained Alvadesh staff
  • Continuous availability to data, 24-hours a day, seven days a week