Managed Cloud Hosting: Hybrid Cloud Computing

Get the right technology for any service with the hybrid cloud.

ATS’ hybrid cloud is a combination of co-location and either a public or private cloud. If you are attracted to the flexibility that the cloud has to offer, but parts of your IT network’s infrastructure are not yet ready to be virtualized, this hybrid solution offers a great compromise.

ATS’ public and private cloud computing services are engineered to increase capacity and capability without the need for investments in additional infrastructure. However, we also recognize that while you may want to virtualize everything, some of your existing platforms may not be ready for this transition.

For this reason, we have engineered our hybrid cloud, which enables your physical and virtual infrastructures to seamlessly co-exist. For instance, your large database servers and specialized hardware can be collocated in one of our top tier data centers while the systems that can be virtualized are hosted through our hybrid cloud servers.

Advantages of the Hybrid Cloud:

  • Centralized management: Both your existing hardware and our cloud offerings remain centralized under one roof.
  • Scale as you grow: As your needs evolve and your infrastructure changes, you can migrate to the cloud environment over time.
  • Security: All systems, cloud servers, and hardware are housed within the walls of an enterprise class data center.

Through our hybrid cloud, your virtual and physical infrastructures co-exist seamlessly.  Your mainframe, database servers and specialized hardware are collocated through one of our industry leading data centers, and the systems that can be virtualized remain secured and easily accessible through one of our cloud environments. Both your existing hardware and the ATS cloud offering are centralized under one roof. Platforms and other infrastructure can be migrated overtime as your hardware expires or your needs change. All systems are hosted in a secure and fully redundant environment. Secure LAN speed for connecting virtual and physical environment